Krishnan, Ayappan and me

Ayyappan, Shivan, Krishnan, Vishnu, Parvathi, Saraswati  and a few other names were my anchors at a point in my life. It was when I used to live in Kerala when this love for the powerful and omnipresent reached its peak. My grandmother was a devout worshipper of all Gods(none in particular) and an ardent practitioner […]

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Marriages are made in heaven

“Marriages are made in heaven”, they say. Heaven is supposed to be perfect. Are marriages really perfect? They almost never are. Marriages can be successful or dysfunctional but never perfect. Marriages are just made in heaven it seems. The partners move out of heaven immediately after. Even successful marriages are filled with fights and arguments […]

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To sleep or not to sleep

If I were to ask you what the most underrated pleasure in life is? Go on THINK! Keep it in your mind. Imagine sinking yourself in the pleasure of your choice. Let it devour you slowly like sinking into sweet Jelly as it envelopes you like a warm blanket on a cold night.   Okay, […]

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Zara, Max or Ramdev

Having lived in Bangalore for a large chunk of my life, I have seen the social structure here works. (kinda!) All this is just my observation from the small group of people I know. There are many many exceptions to all these observations making this purely subjective.   Life in bangalore is quite different for […]

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I was normal once

I was normal. Not normal in the normal sense but normal enough. For people who do not know me personally, I am a guy you might see in St. Joseph’s College in an EJP class mostly keeping to himself. In school, I was always a shy person. I could never be confident enough to take […]

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The world through human lens

The world is what you perceive of it, they say. The universe is what you make of it. Your senses, your emotions, your thinking is what you makes up the universe around you in your mind. The world seems to be different every time your mood swings from happy to sad to frustrated to angry […]

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Mangoes and Jambakas

Whenever I look back at the times I spent in Kerala, few memories stand out. My time there was very little. The most I have lived in Kerala continuously is for six months. I was in second grade when I really saw what my hometown looks like, apart from what I had seen in pictures. […]

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J and S through the years

“Amma will scold me”, I say as I look down at the pot dropping down about to make its impact on the ground ready to shatter into a hundred pieces. I was with J, my childhood best friend, both of us studying in Kindergarten. Our families had just moved into a new building because our […]

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Schooling and other things

School life has always been one of the most nostalgia evoking time of a person’s life. The friends, the teachers, the pranks, the playground all contribute to a time when people did not have to worry, to worry about money, worry about attendance. The only real requirement was to score good grades. This is what […]

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